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[Я сошла с ума]

even artichokes have hearts

agador spartacus/Fine Ass Moody Squeeze
19 November
♥bawbxcore♥, activism, advanced placement, aids awareness, alcohol, alternative lifestyles, alyssa, amélie, androgeny, astrology, bacardi, beautiful men, beautiful women, bellingham, bitching, bling, bois, booty, britney spears, butches, carmen electra, cheese, cher, cho revolution, chocolate, city of subdued excitement, clubs, coffee, coming out, comprehensive sexual education, cross dressers, cuddling, dancing, daphne aguilera, dave navarro, dead poets society, drag kings, drag queens, drag shows, drummers, dykes, er, extra polar ice, fag hags, fags, fat positivity, feminism, film is truth, fraggle rock, gangstas, gay, gay community, gay marriage, gay pride, gay rights, gender benders, girlfriends, girly bois, glbt, green day, gsa, hal sparks, hedwig, holding hands, homos, hugging, jaywalking, jigga, just us, kissing, kittens, laura innes, lesbian death rays, lesbian-isms, lesbians, lip balm, lip gloss, love, love your body, madonna, making out, margaret cho, megan mullaly, melissa etheridge, mexican food, movies, music, musicians, my planner, my posse, napping, newlyweds, orgasmic drinks, paternity tests, paula abdul, pierced lips, pierced nipples, piercings, pink, poi for peace, pride, puppies, pussycat dolls, queen, queer as folk, queers, rainbows, rap, seattle, self-respect, sex, sexiness, sherry stringfield, shopping, slurpees, slut pride, small purses, spontanudity, sublime, swearing, tammy faye bakker, tammy lynn michaels, tarot, tattoos, thai food, the "fuck it" diet, the black drop, the body shop, the l word, the simpsons, theatre, to-do lists, transexuals, transgendered, transvestites, tv, under the umbrella tree, unusual coffees, vanilla, vodka, will & grace, women's bodies, writing, x-tina, your mom